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“Hard work really pays off. Thank you for getting me right this summer, boosting my guard confidence up.”

Ayme Daguilh (Bridgton Academy, Shooting Guard)

“Coach Mike, thank you for believing in me. I would not be the player or person I am today without the countless hours in the gym with you. Thank you for always being there no matter what. The work you do for Worcester Academy Basketball is highly valued by me, and all my teammates. Your determination to become the best coach you can be has set an extraordinary example for players like myself. Keep hustling!”

Mike Rabinovich (Holy Cross, Power Forward)

“Thank you for pushing me and helping me get to where I am today!”

Alec Desrosiers (Westboro High, Point Guard)

Josh Ogundele

Judson Martindale

Dasonte Bowen

Quest Harris

Bella Nascimento

Mike Rabinovich

Kayvaun Mulready

TJ Power

Humble and Hungry

What does Humble and Hungry mean? Growing up, my mom emphasized being humble in life and I grew up playing football and basketball. Being second youngest of 5, competing became something I admired, wether it was taking an exam, playing a video game or playing sports.

I always strive to be best. I learned being humble was the best thing for me because I've failed over the years but never settled in or stop trying, failing made me both Humble and Hungry. From not making junior varsity basketball team, then playing varsity basketball and football junior and senior year. Not making my college basketball team, but also having the inner hunger that drives to you to become better 1 percent everyday.

Growing Up on the Court

During my youth years, I couldn’t afford AAU or basketball camps. I learned how to play game by watching film of professional and college. I would go different basketball court in the city of Worcester looking to get better by playing against different competition. The Boys and Girls is a place that helped shape me to become a basketball player but more importantly a better person.

My goal was to always to play at the next level as youth, but I guess God had different plans for me.

Becoming Coach Adu

Currently an Assistant Varsity Coach at Worcester Academy (2022 NEPSACC Class AA Champions)

My coaching career began in summer 2011, when I decided I would coach my high school summer league basketball team. Basketball has almost been something I loved and had passion for growing up. Growing up in African household, I never learned or had someone teach me the recruiting process of playing college basketball.

One of the main reason I got into coaching basketball because I didn't want my little brother to go through same thing I went through in high school, playing varsity basketball with no film session our game not being record, no trainer helping us develop our skill during the off season or in season. It was very tough time sometimes, doing what I love with no support coming from my family. My passion and drive outweigh everything else.